Independence Corrugated is one of the premiere producers of corrugated paper packaging. Founded in Oak Creek, Wisconsin in 2004, Independence Corrugated has established an industry-wide reputation for being:

• Reliable • Accountable • Pioneering

By maintaining a 98 percent on-time delivery rate, a focus on reinvesting in technology, and a ceaseless drive to raise the bar and improve productivity, Independence Corrugated has become a renowned market leader.

Who We Serve

Independence Corrugated serves hundreds of customers in several industries. Between 40 and 50 truckloads of corrugated go out each day to cities like Minneapolis, St. Paul, Milwaukee, Chippewa Falls, Cedar Rapids, Chicago, and more. Numerous companies within a 400-mile radius of our Oak Creek plant rely on us for their packaging needs

The Independence Corrugated Difference

Independence Corrugated prides itself on four core competencies:

  1. Service – The company’s driving factor. Independence Corrugated’s ability to process and deliver orders – sometimes within the same day – is what sets us apart. We handle scheduling and customer service for multiple corrugated plants.
  2. Innovation – Independence Corrugated has a passion for trying new technologies that will better serve customers. We believe there’s always something – whether it’s electrical, mechanical, or chemical – we can modify. Our focus on preventative and predictive maintenance ensures we identify and fix problems before they happen.
  3. Employee Satisfaction – A family atmosphere, a spirit of counting on each other, and a collective goal of serving our customers are hallmarks of Independence Corrugated. Beginning with 65 employees, we’ve now increased our staff to almost 90 people and can proudly state we’ve never laid off a single employee due to economic concerns. Our consistency is what makes Independence Corrugated such a highly sought place to work.
  4. Dedication – Every Independence Corrugated employee believes in our mission of producing and delivering the highest quality products in the industry.

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2nd Shift   – 11/23/22  – DeRangos