Our Team

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Teamwork in action!

At Independence Corrugated, we work hard to create a team-focused work environment that aligns with our core values. We continuously develop and promote a culture that encourages a winning mindset, teamwork, and safety.


The success of our teammates makes the entire team more successful. The entire team at Independence is dedicated to the success of their co-workers, business partners, and customers.

Exceptional Results

By providing training, tools, andĀ opportunities for growth, the Independence Corrugated team has become an extraordinary group of people that work towards delivering exceptional results. From each person giving it their all in our fast-paced environment to the General Manager, Darcie Torres, leading the way, each person is critical to the team’s success everyday.


Creating a culture is done by every member of the team. Building a family oriented environment that is dedicated to safety, respect, innovation, winning and setting the standard takes a commitment from everyone on the team. The culture created by the Independence team is second to none!

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