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Corrugated sheets are extraordinary!

A single corrugated sheet may not seem like much. What is is used for is a different story. Without corrugated sheets, most goods could not be safely shipped to stores, business, or your home. The new headphones you ordered online might never be delivered. Nearly every box that is delivered to your doorstep or office is made from a corrugated sheet. Most product displays, such as the freestanding candy display at the checkout of your local grocery store are also made from corrugated sheets. There is a nearly never-ending variety of ways in which a corrugated sheet can be used. Independence Corrugated is responsible for producing over 2.5 billion square feet of corrugated sheets each year that are used to create packaging and display products. That is enough to cover the entirety of Manhattan four times! Our team is an extraordinary group of people dedicated to producing the corrugated sheets required to get your product to your doorstep or local store.

Stepping up to fulfill your most difficult orders!

We are always going to run quality sheets, safely and quickly to make sure you get your product when you need it.  Most of the time, that is next day! Occasionally, we will get a unique request, and we regularly fulfill the order.  We believe going above and beyond our standard menu of product and services is what makes us unique. We run our business with the same attitude and work ethic of our Oak Creek and Milwaukee community… We are always up for a challenge, and never give up! When everyone else has said “no” and you have no where to turn, give us a call. We may surprise you with what we can do!